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Art for Social Change

Revolution! Why bother? The Politics of Graffiti!

How social conscious Graphic designers in the current climate of protest use design as a weapon for social change.
The interest is to raise awareness using design as weapon for good to communicate the negative effects of capitalism and the richest 1% in our world.

“The only free spaces to occupy are walls”.

In the spirit of reclaiming the streets we present a talk and workshop of reasons to protest. Exhibiting Graffiti from the Egyptian Revolution of the Arab spring to Occupy.
This exhibition gives people agency to come throughout the day and leave a message on a Graffiti wall to illustrate their revolutionary ideas to change the world.
We have held the workshops previously for Counterfire & Stop the war coalition at The Rich Mix in April 2012 for the Festival of Dangerous ideas

In 2012 I was a artist at this revolutionary festival with a workshop called “Revolution! Why bother the politics of Graffitti” with a Grafitti artist Stik at the Rich mix | Hackney | London.

It was life changing working with and listening to so many talented writers, speakers, musicians, poets, politicians, artists, activists who are changing the world with their message. If you do anything this year you should get along to this festival and support it. Here a just a few of the brilliant minds & souls that were there. Kate Tempest, Lindsey German, Jeremy Corbin, Tony Benn, John Rees, Clare Solomon, the angry taxi driver, Rai Aurora, Sanim Ghafour, Rafeef Ziadeh, Sam Fairbairn, Frances Legg, stik, Katherine Connelly, Tansy Hoskins, James Meadway, Chris Nineham, Feyzi Ismail, Tariq Ali
Click here Dangerous times Festival for more info

http://dangerousideas.org.uk/index.php/sessions. At the Brainchild Festival http://www.brainchildart.com in June 2012. The Political cafe Firebox together with Occupied Times in November 2012 http://www.fireboxlondon.net and the revolutionary New Cross learning library http://newxlearning.wordpress.com in May 2013.

We will hold this workshop again in the near future so watch this space.

Come and join us to provide an audience with thirsty debate, inspirational idea’s and scribing your Revolutionary thought!


Video links

RICH MIX http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J5Xdn_l7pKs




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